Age Recommendations


Week of July 15 - 19


This camp will be located near downtown Palo Alto, CA. (Exact address will be given after registration)


It is important for kids to solve puzzles, as it helps grow their brain. The Rubik's Cube is very common but not easily solved. The speedcubing community is welcoming to all, and you will make friends as you become a speedcuber.

Robotics is fun and engaging. It will teach kids about coding while giving them self confidence that they can build something amazing. 

Our FTC robot

Larry(left) and Amahl(right) cubing at a WCA competition


This camp will be run by two middle schoolers, Amahl and Larry, and a high schooler, Andrew. 

The three teachers are members of Cuberobot, a small FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team led by Andrew. They were finalists in the FTC Peninsula League.  In addition, last summer Amahl and Larry designed their own robot that solves a cube, and now they want to teach others to do it as well. 

Amahl and Larry are competitive speed cubers who have been cubing for over two years. At comps organized by the World Cube Association, Larry has an official 3x3 personal record single of 7.41 seconds, and Amahl has an official personal record of single 6.96 seconds.